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Ball Ground Alapahas
Multi Grand Champion BGAs Boojum Sire:  Ch. BGAs Ceasar Dam:  AAKs Nandina of BGA DOB:  12-13-2011 Height:  24 inches to withers Weight:  95 lbs.  (give or take depending on time of year) Titles:  BST, BST1, JBT1, JBT2, JBT3 Temperament:  Very loyal, obedient, intelligent, athletic, Very protective.
BGAs Queen Anne s Revenge Sire:  Multi Grand Champion BGAs Boojum Dam:  BGAs Misty Siren Titles: BST Temperament:  Very loyal, obedient, intelligent, athletic and protective
BGAs Cheyenne Sire:  Grand Champion BGAs Hoss Bite-Rite Dam:  BGAs Josie Temperament:  Very athletic, loyal, intelligent, obedient
Retired but loved and cherished
CH. BGAs Karamelle
BGAs Josie
CRKs Stella of BGA
BGAs Misty Siren
Sire:  CH BGAs Ceasar Dam:  AAKs Nandina of BGA
Sire:  CRKs Boss Hog aka Rhino Dam:  CRKs Red Hot
Sire:  CH BGAs Ceasar Dam:  AAKs Nandina of BGA
Sire:  CRKs Rugar Dam:  CRKs Stella of BGA
Up and Coming
TNAs Mercury Rising aka Meera
MAKs Georgia
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WildSide Nature Reserve


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