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The Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog’s origin is somewhat undocumented and unverifiable before 1979.  Authorities differ so completely about the origin of the Alapaha that the name itself is in dispute.  However, the Alapaha is one of the few breeds that are emblematic of this storied Nation and there is little doubt that a species resembling the Alapaha has existed for over two hundred years in the Southern enclaves. The Alapaha is believed to have its origin in a recently extinct species known as the Mountain Bulldog, Old Southern White and Old Country (Big) Bulldogs.  These dogs were first brought to America in the early 18th century.  It, unlike its “English” counterpart, was continuously bred for utility and stamina, whether it be guard work, or as a family companion.  Despite their proven worth in many areas and ability to reproduce type with reliability, these strains of bulldogs survived mainly in small pockets of the south.  This established strain of dog has resulted from the generations old breeding programs of several people namely Warren “Papa Buck” Lane and William Chester of Georgia and Cecil Evans and Kenny Houston of Florida.  The breed has been known by a series of names such as Otto, Cow Dog, Silver Dollar and Catahoula Bulldog Cur. 
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