Ball Ground’s Rebel - Best
in Show 
ABBA Champion Puppy
Fall Classic Ozark
Showdown 2010
(CRK’s Rugar X CRK’s Stella of
Ball Ground Alapahas)
UCI International Junghund Champion - February 2011
BGA’s Misty Siren
ABBA Fall Classic 2011 Puppy
Third in Group ~ First in Driviest
Puppy Contest
Ball Ground Farms, LLC
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Jr. Grand Champion BGA’s Boojum
Adult Grand Champion at Go Big or Go Home
Texas Showdown 2013 Central Regional
Adult Grand Champion BGA’s Boojum
Texas  2014 Central Regional
2014 POINTS LEADER  - Most points accumulated by any Champion point leader to date
We take great pride in our Alapahas.  Our kennel is located in the foothills of north Georgia.  All of our dogs are given basic obedience training from pups and provided a
holistic diet.  At our kennel, we strive to breed for perfection in confirmation, temperament and health.   Alapahas are the most affectionate, protective companion you could
ever own. 
Before you consider buying a pup from BGA, I want to ensure that you understand our goal and the type of Alapaha we prefer and breed.  We prefer Alapahas
that are stable, loyal, intelligent and protective.  Here at BGA we only breed pairs that possess traits which we desire.  We use a flirt pole with our dogs and do
bite work to enhance their prey drive and build confidence.  However, there are other ways to work with these dogs that are also rewarding such as guarding
livestock, agility and tracking.   At BGA, we prefer an Alapaha that is a working dog, loyal protector and companion.  It is important that you perform, at a
minimum, basic obedience training for your puppy or dog.  All of our dogs have been well trained and have been taught to behave in an obedient manner on and
off the property and most can walk on our six acres of property off leash.  In fact, only several dogs purchased as adults require a leash on walks on our property,
but Alapahas that we have raised from pups do not.  The dogs at BGA will protect me, my family and property.   Please read the origin of the Alapaha on our
History page.  I encourage you to research before buying.
See our Available link for available pups or dogs.  All dogs and pups come with current vaccinations, shot records, health guarantee, registration papers and an activated
microchip free of charge.  
Pic Courtesy of Barb K. of VT